What is geomarketing?

In general, geomarketing focuses on all spatial and geographic aspects of the entire marketing mix, from product range to price policy, to distribution and communication. Thus geomarketing affects almost all areas of management and distribution, from  product development, expansion planning and advertising, to purchasing, controlling or CRM.

Geomarketing becomes a key element in the company: different departments have access to a uniform information platform, which is typically depicted on digital maps.

The following definition summarizes objectives and opportunities of geomarketing:

Geomarketing analyzes current and potential markets for spatial structures and the specific target group information available for these structures in order to plan and measure the sales of products to the target groups in these markets more effectively.

Geomarketing and marketing

Marketing describes the sum of the activities of a company in the market. This affects the areas in the classic way

  • Product Policy
  • Pricing
  • Distribution policy
  • Communication policy

The addition of “Geo-” adds a very important dimension to marketing – the spatial factor. The marketing is “geo-optimized”.  After all, all relationships between a company and their customer or target group have a spatial aspect.

Geomarketing is geomarketing the precise achievement of company objectives. This minimizes investments risks and assists in the discovery and efficient extraction of realistic potentials.

In times of globalization and saturated markets, a considerable competitive advantage often arises from answering the questions with the spatial component.


  • Where are the optimal locations?
  • Where are the optimal sales areas?
  • Where are the best affine target groups?
  • Where is a high demand for your products?
  • Where do targeted advertising measures make sense?

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